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Guangzhou Feng Da Packaging Co.,Ltd is the subsidiary company of Guangzhou Feng Da Machinery Co.,Ltd., which has about 20 yearsof experience on research and develop variety of bakery paper product machine. At the same time, we produce and sale paper products by ourselves directly. What’s important, our design is same as the latest design in Italy, our target is that, Italy design,china price! Our products is include baking cup,muffin cup,tulip cup,baking mold and so on.
below is introduce of Guangzhou Feng Da Machinery Co.,Ltd.
We are Guangzhou Feng Da Machinery Co.,Ltd, a professional production of paper products of  factory,our  technician  have 20 years manufacturing  mould experience, we provide the mould design, make to order, special help at home and abroad to cooperate, and help them paper cups factory design, manufacturing machine.We supply many kinds of automatic, semi-automatic paper cups machine and other paper products machine.In 2006, we begin to development the  muffin cups machine,tulip machine and muffin cup machine,we are  the  first  factory can manufacture them in China.We provide the unique design,highest quality products and best after sale service for customers.Our products have been exported to Europe, the east-South Asia, Africa and the middle-east also widely used by the leading manufacturers in China.

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