how to make Coffee Chiffon Cup Cake


Brief introduction and specialty coffee Chiffon Cup Cake.

6 inch, the bottom diameter of 6 5CM cups, a time to eat a not what pressure ah
Category labels: Delicious pastry dessert
The time required for 1 hours or more difficult to make ordinary
Ingredients details
Eggs 2 oil 25 g
Milk 25g low gluten flour 42g
Sugar 45g lemon juice
Coffee powder 13 g
Coffee Chiffon Cup Cake practices detailed steps
The first step approach to separate pictures of coffee Chiffon Cup Cake 1, egg yolk protein. The protein is placed in a clean, oil free basin. Add 10 grams of sugar into the egg yolks and beat well.
The second step approach. Coffee Chiffon Cup Cake 2, add milk and oil, stir.
The third step approach. Coffee Chiffon Cup Cake 3, sift the cake flour and coffee powder, with the font hand pump mixing with powder can be. Add a little lemon juice, add 35 grams of sugar, add to three times, close to hard foam. Split and mix with egg yolk batter into the mold.
The fourth step approach. Coffee Chiffon Cup Cake 4, oven under fire, lit 150 degrees, 140 degrees under fire. Because the first set of 30 minutes, followed by a further increase of 15 minutes, the actual bake for about 45 minutes.
The fifth step approach. Coffee Chiffon Cup Cake 5, reflective mirror oven boot appearance, appearance is very beautiful yo ~



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