how to make Fruit sandwich birthday cake


tulip cup

I always buy to eat, basically eat cream are not comfortable, by chance, I want to learn to do, I bought an oven, a family birthday it yourself, this is the second time today, husband and daughter birthday together, ha ha, eat well, than also delicious, creamy is particularly great, cream or not enough, can also be more beautiful

Chiffon Cake a pitaya 8 inch 1
Pineapple 1 Kiwi 2
Mango 2 light cream 250 grams
White sugar 25 g
Fruit sandwich birthday cake practice steps
Sandwich fruit birthday cake 11 Chiffon Cake practice illustrated a 8 inch (detailed steps in my record inside)
Fruit sandwich birthday cake diagram 22 fruit cut good backup
The practice of fruit sandwich birthday cake 33 cut into three slices
The practice of fruit sandwich birthday cake figure 44 cream, I put the ice in the basin below, in order to easily pass, the electric egg beater is frozen, in order to cool
Sandwich fruit birthday cake practice illustrated 55 once added sugar to larger volume, can not fall to mention
Fruit sandwich birthday cake illustration 66 cream + fruit + Cream
Practice of graphic fruit birthday cake cream sandwich 77 plus a good shop outside
Sandwich fruit birthday cake approach figure 88 using a scraper uniform, start decorating, I use the 8 mouth pattern, according to their own love casual decorations.
Fruit sandwich birthday cake practice 99 plus fruit
The practice of fruit sandwich birthday cake 1010 modified, I do not pay attention to eat
The practice of fruit sandwich birthday cake 1111 beautiful fruit sandwich cake made, perfect, the middle of the tomato into a strawberry, had wanted to get a rose



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