how to make Sacher cake


Brief introduction of the characteristics and Sacher cake
This is the original attempt at the son of the wife. The original formula given Mrs. ANNA ~ Sacher cake good record in the 1952 NEW YORK newspaper. Component: 8-9 inch - A. The first time I feel very dissatisfied. A ~ welcome!
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The main processing time required for more than 1 hours
Difficulty in making
Ingredients details
Egg yolk paste: butter 170G
White sugar 80G semi-sweet chocolate 180G
Egg yolk 8 flour 120G
Protein paste: white sugar (the original formula of the protein paste does not contain sugar. I got a part from the egg yolk (90G)
Egg white 10
Surface: white sugar 225G
Semi-sweet chocolate 200G water 80ML
Sandwich: Apricot Jam (excluding pulp)
The detailed steps of practice celebration cake
The first step approach picture Sacher cake 1, first do not write it. Comparison of the finished product. Do not introduce the finished product structure can not make it clear that the cake
The second step approach picture 2, Sacher cake I made two. A traditional version of the big ~ another mini version of their own play. The pictures of these big cakes were taken two times. Because there is no seal to save second days to shoot the feel of the air dry surface
The third step approach picture 3, this celebration cake is a special section of pat. Because the other figure because of the backlight and the relationship between the color of the cake can not see the sandwich so clear. The center and side surface are apricot jam. This is a more traditional approach. In addition, there are only wipe off the surface and side of the sandwich jam. Mini version only do the sandwich. That's a lot better
The fourth step approach picture 4, Sacher cake this group is Mini Shah photos. Direct light shot out is really strange for me or just. And in order to compare the difference between the two surfaces must be released
The fifth step approach picture 5, this celebration cake surface was smooth. It is the same with the sauce and is used to erase the ~ about possible reasons after the discussion
The following picture sixth step 6 Sacher cake production process: first, start to talk about chocolate. General semi-sweet is dark chocolate~bitter-sweet is extra dark but I have several versions of the dark chocolate is really a big gap between the figure two ~ ~ 72% on the left side of the cocoa content higher than the right in 70% ~ but does not taste bitter but bittersweet ~ while the right side was significantly heavier if bitter semi-sweet from the literal meaning understanding should be the kind of bitter and sweet is appropriate ~ but also mentioned a little celebration cake cake body bitter chocolate ~ so with apricot sauce and sweet chocolate facial surface is just ~ this bitter heavy chocolate and also more appropriate I saw many English prescription is the direct use of plain ~ chocolate this chocolate cocoa content is generally 45%-55%~ or occasionally see a little more than 60%. But not to eat Good overall is slightly sweet feeling, but only the sensory experience is bitter or sweet and not so accurate. Like the French dessert recipe Chinese generally feel sweet ~ then Austria diet is? Later in the Austria tourism network to check a prescription only written dark chocolate~
The seventh step approach picture 7, so choose Sacher cake about chocolate on the general idea. Welcome discussion! I used to do with the picture on the left is not particularly bitter kind. The reason is because it is cheaper = = (first make the egg yolk paste) chocolate break into small pieces of water (about 65 degrees Celsius) heating melt
The eighth step approach softening picture 8, Sacher cake butter at room temperature after 170G (sent to white)
The ninth step approach picture Sacher cake 9, add white sugar 80G mix
The tenth step approach picture 10, a celebration cake mix into the yolk (the original approach is to add melted chocolate plus egg yolk. Although the temperature of chocolate is not high ~ it is not cooked egg yolk ~ ~ but I changed a little. Feel like this will not be cold and hot. It is also easier to put the egg yolk Mix)
The eleventh step approach picture Sacher cake 11, stir well after.
The twelfth step approach picture Sacher cake 12, add melted chocolate.
The thirteenth step approach picture 13 Sacher cake and mixing.
The fourteenth step approach picture Sacher cake 14, sifted flour mix evenly cut
The fifteenth step approach picture 15, Sacher cake mix well after. The batter is thick
The sixteenth step approach picture 16, Sacher cake [the] egg white protein paste add sugar 90G could bring a sharp pass to the upright state (here the original formula is a direct hit white sugar. But I think it's more stable. A lot of chocolate and butter has been very easy to let the egg white bubble ~ if the protein paste is not stable, even worse, I tried to beat the egg white. Are not to mention the sharp corners of the state. Out of the state is not sharp ~ round
The seventeenth step approach picture Sacher cake 17, protein paste and egg yolk paste mixed time. Pour 8 inch round in the original (say 8-9 ". Should be all. I only 8 inches on the use of 8 inches. In addition to the original side also said to die with anti sticking. I tried to climb the state does not affect the cake)
The eighteenth step approach picture 18, Sacher cake into the preheated oven at 140 middle roast for about 1 hours
The nineteenth step approach Sacher cake picture 19, demoulding after cooling into 2 slices (~ 8 Inch I do feel too thick. Cut two pieces and a lot more
The twentieth step approach picture Sacher cake 20, on the left: Apricot sauce



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