how to make cup cake

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5 eggs
Milk 40g
Low gluten flour 40g
Fine sugar 70g
Corn oil 30g
Cream 200g
Strawberry amount
Paper cup cake practice
Protein egg yolk separation paper cup cake practice steps 1
Protein was added three times to send sugar, 50g. Paper cup cake practice steps 2
Egg yolk sugar 20g slightly sent, add corn oil and milk, stuffed into low gluten flour (if you want to do chocolate flavor can add cocoa powder) stirring to no granule cupcake practice steps 3
Will send a good protein and send a good egg yolk together to mix evenly paper cup cake practice steps 4
170 degrees 20 minutes of paper cup cake practice steps 5
200g of cream, 20g of light milk, 20g of sugar, a few drops of rum, cream cake cupcakes practice steps 6
To send a good mix of food color, mix the paper cup cake practice steps 7
The practice of decorating paper cups
Steps to complete the cupcake
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